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Turn signal relay bad?

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March 21st, 2008, 7:30 PM   #1  
Turn signal relay bad?

Have a 04 Silverado, 201k. Every once in a while, when ever I put the left turn signal on, my brake lights also flash along with the turn signal light. If it happens while driving, it causes my cruise control to disengage (I'm assuming because of the brake lights coming on). If I hit my brakes, then the unit will stop flashing and the turn signal constantly stays lit. Using the right turn signal, everything operates normally.

The frustrating part is that this happens intermittently, although it is becoming more and more frequent. At first I thought maybe because I had some marker lights out and the difference in circuit resistance was causing problems. However, within a week of replacing all bulbs, it started again. At this point it's simply annoyance, but I'm concerned that it could turn into a safety issue.

So I bring to the guru's in this forum two questions: #1: Anyone hear of this or have any ideas and/or suggestions? #2: Where is the turn signal relay located and how easy is it to replace?

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RE: Turn signal relay bad?

I run into this alot, it's a short. If your up to it, check the wiring and see if there are any pucture marks. You could have a mechanic do it for about $100

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RE: Turn signal relay bad?

webguysmiley25, welcome to the forum!!! I second that, check for a short or bare wiresnear the left tail light.

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