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Would a 1988 GMC Jimmy Blazer transmission fit in a 1995 4x4 pickup?

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July 28th, 2009, 5:20 PM   #1  
Would a 1987 GMC Jimmy Blazer transmission fit in a 1995 4x4 pickup?

The transmission in my Chevy truck ( 4x4, 1500 series ) went out and I am trying to figure out if a 1987 GMC S-10 Jimmy Blazer , 4x4 transmission would fit in it?
Does anybody know ?
Your help would be appreciated !
thanks in advance

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July 28th, 2009, 9:00 PM   #2  
I don't think it would fit. The Jimmy is much smaller, and they have smaller motors too....They didn't come with the sbc motors. Even if it would bolt up to your motor, I don't think the mounts are the same

Another thing to take into consideration is if its automatic, the 95 is going to be computer controlled and the 87 isn't going to be. You don't run into this problem with a manual trans however.

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The basic case of the s10 (700r4) is the same as the 95 (4l60e). So it would bolt up provided both vehicles are 4x4. But brok' is right, in that it would not function properly if, at all. The 700r4 needs a throttle valve cable to regulate its internal pressure, and if not adjusted properly, will self destruct in short time. The computer in the truck would be blaring malfunction codes, and without the speed sensor or the tranny, be running like crap. Additionally the s10 trannys were much lighter duty, and not equiped with the clutch packs to move around such a heavy truck. With that said, if the tranny in the k1500 went out in the middle of the Gobi desert, with no hope of rescue for weeks, and you just so happened to have an s10 700r4 in the back; yes it would work.

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Short answer, no.

The technical explanation is very simple. GM hates it's customers, so they keep changing things. By wrote of the fact that they arrogantly and sanctimoniously despise us,(God knows why.) they don't even want dedicated replacement parts to fit. End of story.

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