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bioevolve June 11th, 2013 7:43 PM

Anyone compiled a list of P/N: versions to what Head unit models?
I got one from ebay (2007 Tahoe version) and it came with 4.1c (20857425U) DVD. Works on the Suburban no prob.
My main question is what is the next P/N: for upgrading the maps?

The GM site states:
P/N: 23128606 is the most recent upgrade, I think (can't find one). Probably not released yet.

What is the one before it?

And it replaces these below, but are these in order? Are these the previous upgrades?



bioevolve June 13th, 2013 3:42 PM


Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Looking at the other set on numbers on the NAV DVDs, to find which group of DVD's will work with what you have.

Some will be same versions, but different locations like US east, US west, Canada, Hawaii etc... and/or updates to the same version.

Here are a few groups of DVDs that will work on other units within the same groups:

DW464210-6060 = 2.0
DW464210-6600 = 2.0
DW464210-6770 = 3.0
DW464210-6581 = 4.1c
DW464210-7003 = 4.1c
DW464210-7130 = 5.0
DW464210-7170 = 5.0c
DW464210-7380 = 6.0c

99001-02183 = 7.3 (only one I found lol)

86271-60V701A = ? (maybe the first one)
86271-60V705 = 9.3
86271-60V706 = 10.3
86271-60V707 = 10.3

Hope you get the idea, those where a few examples. I looked at this because the original P/N #'s were a bit confusing for me when I was looking around for updates to my NAV DVD. Which I got a used headunit from ebay, which is not same year & model for my vehicle. Sometimes the sellers can make mistakes on what vehicle it came out of. This grouping will tell you what to look for without needing to know what year and model the headunit is from.
Hope this helps you when looking for DVDs for your new or used headunits.

73shark June 13th, 2013 6:50 PM

The map DVDs work in all of the DVD based Nav systems. IOW each upgrade will work in all of the systems prior to it.

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