Is Your Truck Suffering from the ‘Chevy Shake?’


A strong and mysterious shake or vibration seems to plague 2014 – 2016 Chevy and GMC half-ton pickup trucks.

  Comments | By - June 28, 2016

Get the Tailgate on Your Chevrolet Silverado Back in Working Order Using These Tips

What’s one thing that makes a truck a truck? Rugged styling? Yeah. Lots of pulling power? Yep. A tailgate? Definitely.

  Comments | By - June 27, 2016

Confirmed: Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro Will Share 10-Speed Transmission

How would you feel if your beloved Chevy Camaro was in reality part Ford Mustang? Would it make it less special? Well, if it were the year 2018, that could very well be true…

  Comments | By - June 27, 2016

What Caused 1,500 HP Camaro to Crash at 195 MPH?

The owner of the car is still investigating why a sudden brake failure caused his wildly expensive Chevy Camaro to crash at nearly 200 mph.

  Comments | By - June 24, 2016

A 1994 Chevrolet C1500 in the Garage

Good ol’ Chevrolet. The most capable vehicle manufacturer out there, that has never failed to stun us with their amazing cars and trucks.

  Comments | By - June 22, 2016

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