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1987 Z28 305 Engine Swap. Info???

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1987 Z28 305 Engine Swap. Info???

Hello everyone!
I have a 1987 Camaro Z28 with a 305 one-piece rear seal-- 5 spd borg/warner in it and i recently pulled the weak 305 out and am planning on installing a 350 which came out of a 1994 or 95 GMC 1500 Pick-up and it is a one-piece rear seal also. and i was wondering if i would have to modify anything in particular to match up the T-5 Transmission with the 350 ; Different flywheel, pressure plate, Etc.?????
Also the 350 is TBI, can't i just change the manifold and make it Carbureted?? Or do i have to do anything else?? thanks for helping.

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If the 350 has votex heads, a carb manifold will have to be for that generation of engine as I believe the angle of the bolts is different from the earlier small blocks so you may have to go aftermarket. Out side of that they should bolt up to whatever bell housing you have. The pilot bushig may be an issue if the truck motor was from an automatic but I'm not sure on that. In the sixties a motor distined for an auto had a different diameter counterbore in the back of the crank.

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the truck motor doesnt have vortec heads(96-99)...they are tbi heads(87-95)....if your intake doesnt fit all u have to do is elongate the 4 center bolt holes(2 on each side)....and it will....all the other stuff off the 305 should fit fine

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