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how to replace blend door actuator?

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how to replace blend door actuator?

Hello my girlfriend's cobalt is making a ticking noise behind the glove box every time the car is started. Several mechanics have diagnosed this as the blend door actuator, and I've had this same problem with my Bravada, so I'd have to agree. Anyone know how to go about replacing this? The dealer wants $250 because they say the dash needs to be removed. On my bravada, you could reach up behind the glove box and get to it. I don't think that's possible with the cobalt.

Also, anyone know if anything special needs to be done after plugging it in to make it work right? Does it need to be "calibrated" or anything?

It's a 2006 LS coupe if that matters. I wish GM would have stayed away from automated climate controls...

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The blend door and the mode door are both accessible by removing the black plastic cover under the driver's side of the dashboard. Both are on the driver's side of the a/c unit.

Before replacing, if you want to be absolutely sure you're replacing the right one, turn the car on until you hear the clicking and place your finger on both servos. You'll bee the clicking inside of the one that's faulty.

Attached a pic of what you'll see if you remove that lower cover and get your head down near the brake pedal.

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Hi fancypantscobalt,

I think it will help you.

04 C\K - Temperature Valve Actuator Replacement

Thank you.

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blowing out cold air

I have a 07 Cobalt Ls and blows out cold air when it's suppose to be hot. Any Help?

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