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1998 Silverado 5.7 Tune-up Reccomendations

Old  June 12th, 2010, 9:58 PM
1998 Silverado 5.7 Tune-up Reccomendations

I just purchased a 1998 Silverado with the 5.7 V8. It has about 157,000 miles on it and was owned by the same guy since it was new. He took pretty good care of it. This is the first full-size GM that I have owned.

Here is my question: I'd like to do a full tune-up on it and wanted to know what people had good success with.

So, can you guys reccommend plugs, wires, filters, fuel injection cleaners, any procedures that have proven to be the most effective for performance and gas mileage?

I'm also interested in replacement intakes as well as any issues I should watch out for.


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ac delco all the way. cap/rotor/plugs/plug wires/ air,oil,and fuel filter

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just do a search of issues after a tuneup

using parts other than ac delco can cause sensors to throw codes, missing, etc:

if you are going to keep the truck, just bite the bullet and buy all AC Delco parts.
my 2500 with 350 was running good before the 90K tuneup with all ac delco parts, was running good after the tuneup. no problems.

i also use wix or napa gold filters,

good luck with the truck be sure to check your coolant level as the old 350's love new intake manifold gaskets.

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So, you don't think there would be any benefit from MSD wires, fancy plugs, or K&N filters?

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not if your truck is stock. even then ac delco makes a good product. I don't care for msd products. I do and have always used K&N air filters.

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I am making pretty good progress with my 96 2500 with 380,000km on it. I changed the oil on it today and to my surprise no shavings in the pan! so with that confidence booster i am slowly tuning up my performance. Heres what I am doing due to many hours of research:
- cut the mufflers off (get flowthrews for sharper sound) and the cats if the O2 sensors are not after the cats. If they are you can shop around and get cheap O2 simulators, or just get performance cats.

-Install longtube headers for better torque through the rpms

- I did put a power tower on, it was cheap and easy to install, and you will notice the power when you hit 2800 rpm (definitely made for hualing purposes)
-get a "blackbear tune" heard its a great mod

- use Lucas 5w-30 full synthetic with a K&N oil filter. Drop in a third of dextron to clean out carbon build up. And put a bit of lucas synthetic into your tranny for smoother shifting. A 5$ engine flush wont hurt either, you can pick it up at Canadian tire.

- definitely open air intake, and also you can pick up an aftermarket throttle body blade, which gives you better response because of its slimmer design, about 40 bucks easy to install.
- I dont know about the chip but get a programmer for shifting points and idle. Mine was programmed previously and it is smooth sailing and almost acts as jake brake when slowing down.
- And i am also looking at the plugs and wires and i found this site http://www.autotrucktoys.com/chevy_s...1896C3408.aspx
shop around and you can find cheap easy to install upgrades without ripping your engine to pieces.
Think of your engine as a giant air pump, the more you put in, the more it puts out

1996 silverado C/K 2500 longbox
128 liter gas tank
No rust
650km a tank

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By the way, does anyone know where i can get a pair of 2" wheel spacers for an 8 bolt pattern?

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My 97 1500 is at 215k and I'm the original owner.

NGK plugs
K&N Filter
Mobile synthetic (high Mileage) 10-40
Mobile oil filter
Berryman B12 Chemtool injector cleaner (1 per 4 tanks works for me)
All else is stock...still running strong.

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