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OBD II Trouble Code Po128

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OBD II Trouble Code Po128

Getting trouble code P1028. Have replace the ECT. Cleared code and less than week later code back. Temperature guage appears normal (~195 degrees when warmed up). Is there another temp sensor somewhere as the code will clear on its own if the outside temp is below 45 degrees. Manual states that ECT acts as both the temp sending unit and input for PCM. What should next step be?

2006 Silverado, 4.3L V6 with approximately 85K.

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year make model of truck

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yeah, we're gonna need the vehicle specifics. typically tho, there is a sending unit for the gauge, and another sensor for the ecm.

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Replace the t-stat. 99% of the time it takes care of the problem.

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Thanks. Thermonstat replaced and problem solved. Suspect old thermostat was opening too soon. Thanks again!

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p0128 code

replaced thermo and added coolant still have ck eng light

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