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ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

Old  January 23rd, 2007, 11:00 PM
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Subject: Service Stability Lamp DTC C0561- keywords ABS booster brake brakes code DIC DTC EBCM EBTCM engine light message stabilitrac TCS VSES #PIT4169B - (12/19/2006)
The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI. Condition/Concern:
A "Service Stability Message" appears on the Drivers Information Center as a result of a DTC C0561 set in the Electronic Brake Traction Control Module (EBCM). The electronic brake control module (EBCM) receives messages from other modules over GMLAN which are needed to perform antilock brake system (ABS), vehicle stability enhancement system (VSES), or traction control system (TCS) functions. Recommendation/Instructions:
Don't replace the EBCM to resolve this concern. The PCM or BCM will typically set a DTC when the EBCM sets this DTC. Address DTC's in all modules before trying to address DTC C0561. There have been some cases in the field where the diagnostic code was a type "B' code that would not set a "check engine lamp" but would set a DTC C0561 in the EBCM. Please inspect the freeze frame and failure records in the PCM for anything that may cause a powertrain related code.

Note:When following the flow chart for DTC: C0561, Please disregard the Enhanced DTC data parameter "Invalid Signal "as this is currently inoperative and will always show an asterisk symbol. Engineering is in the process of repairing the Tech 2 software and the updated version should be available by the first quarter of 2007.

Have the Tech follow the above proceedure to the letter.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

I got my Tahoe back this afternoon. They had it all weekend due to them not having a crank sensor to replace the faulty one in the car. They said this caused the check engine light which in turn caused the stabilitrak light. AND THEY ALSO SAID THIS CAUSED THE RADIO TO NOT WORK SOMETIMES like I reported it to them. That part about the radionot working because of the other issues is b.s. They just wanted to get my car out of there and I'm sure they didnt even look into the radio issues, and when I asked about get the software updated, the guy said he hasnt heard of anything from Chevrolet about software updates. So either this guy doesnt know what he is talking about or he thinks I'm so dumb that I'll believe whatever he says. I hope this problem doesnt come back anymore, but I dont know what to do about my radio troubles.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

Is your truck lowered? I recently lowered mine and I some times get the traction control light come on during left turns while pressing breakes. I thought it was related to the lowering.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

No, my Tahoe isn't lowered. Hopefully, the problem is resolved now.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

My LTZ did the same thing when I lowered it. Any time making a turn or turn and braking, the light would start to flash. Yesterday me service stabilitrak light came on again and was followed by server shifts.I called onstar and they said it was an ABS fault this time. So today it went back into the shop. They are replacing the fuel pump for the lean running conditions and re-programming the ECM again. I guess we will see what happens and if its fixed.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

All i know is my stabilitrack went off on Monday 4/9 and took it immeditly to the shop. I got a call Yesturday 4/10 and the SA said that the PCM had no Code on it (aka Operating System) so no i have bigger worries since the odometer is kept on the PCM now a days do i run the risk of going back to 0? Not to mention they where having a tough time getting the "code" from GM. I have called Chevrolet corporate and have a open case with them. Since i work for GMAC guess i got the inside track. I have other concerns about the vehicle now as well. After doing some research on issues with stabilitrack 1 issue the owner reported that going down the road all 4 wheels locked up. Another talks of the car not runnning at all. So i am going to push for a new vehicle from Chevrolet as i now have no reliability in this current one as well as what am i going expect in the future!

Old  April 11th, 2007, 8:35 PM
RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

Wow! "going down the road all 4 wheels locked up" and this attributed to the Stabilitrak system?
Never heard of this one, would you mind sending me the report so I can check it out?
It is impossible for this to occur due to the numerous fail-safe features integrated into the system, the Stabilitrak system constantly monitors each sensor and component and if even the slightest problem is detected (real or imagined) the system immediately turns itself off and illuminates the warning light.

The sensitivity of the systems self diagnostics feature is part of the reason the service Stabilitrak light is coming on even though everything appears normal.

FYI, "No code" in the PCM does not equate to "no Operating System", it just means that the computer did not detect or store a fault (aka: nothing wrong with vehicle), if your ServiceStabilitrak light goes off; it will store a code.

You may want to get you a different "inside track" there partner.

There are many people around the internet who are posting bogus issues about products just to satisfy whatever agenda it is they have, please donít perpetuate the problem by reposting the same garbage.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

let me tell you my story. . .it's the reason i just joined this forum.

i have a 2004 gmc yukon slt with 60k miles. has full time 4wd/awd. my problems with stabilitrak started at 36k miles. half the time service stability warning appeared on dic, or alternately stability system disabled. my first dealer visit resulted in a computer reprogram which fixed the problem for 15 minutes. the vehicle kept driving ok, and i don't really have time to mess with this stuff too much, so i waited until my next oil change to revisit the issue. at that time i was told i had a faulty yaw control sensor on the right front wheel. the sensor was replaced, but this didn't fix the problem. mind you, i only had this warning about half the time i drove the vehicle. i was pretty much resigned to live with it until last weekend.

on saturday i was driving 45mph on dry, flat pavement. i was steering straight down a slight incline when a "stability system active" warning appeared on the dic. then the car rapidly decelerated to 20 mph, locking up tires and sweeving rightward toward the ditch. the tires were locking up enough to create quite a bit of tire smoke behind the vehicle. i slowly drove home, and the same thing happened twice more before i got home. i parked the vehicle until monday am, when a slight activation occured at 60 mph on a four lane expressway.

the dealer was stumped, and at the urging of a friend who is a gm at another dealership, i started a case with gm corporate. today i was informed that the steering wheel sensor may have been out, and they replaced it.

at this point i think i need to dump the vehicle, as i sometimes pull a 6000lb travel trailer, and unwanted activation would be disasterous. any help would be appreciated.

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RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message


FYI the "no service code you where talking about" yeah not the case.. I went to the dealer last night and saw the differnce between one with a "OS" and mine which did not have one. Let me tell ya... there was now OS.. Im not talking about a frickin error code im talkin no code. In the IT industry no code mean s nothing.. As far as the issue i stated with all 4 wheels locking up.. google it! there are about 500 results that come back.

Old  April 12th, 2007, 2:42 PM
RE: ZX pls help - Random Stabilitrak Off Message

I Googled "Bigfoot" and found 5,550,000 results also found 1,200,000 when I Googled "loch ness monster".

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