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07 Uplander won't start, battery is good

Old  October 21st, 2010, 12:58 PM
07 Uplander won't start, battery is good

This has happened a couple times, the van won't start but the lights and horn work. We had the battery and alternator tested, both are good. Finally took it to the dealership because its still under the extended warranty. The mechanic called me and said he "wants to say its the battery" but the diagnostics don't show that. He wanted to keep it a couple of days and see if it happened to him, which it didn't. They called today and gave me no diagnosis, they want to put in a new battery and make a new key, the service manager said "my mechanic doesn't like your key" and "at least if we replace the key then if it happens again we'll have eliminated that". So, basically they have no clue.

Several people with similar problems said its electrical, which is covered under the warranty. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I hate to pay their $100 diagnostic fee when they haven't diagnosed anything, and it could happen again.


Old  October 21st, 2010, 5:59 PM
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I wouldn't buy a battery or a key. Be sure your complaint is documented with GM (get the #800 for GM Customer Service from the dealer and call them if you are not satisfied). These random intermittent faults are hard to pinpoint but throwing parts at the problem can get expensive.
How did you finally get the van to start before when it acted up??..

Old  October 21st, 2010, 6:30 PM
It did start when we jump started it, but before it started it went crazy with the horn going off constantly. The same thing happened this time.

This got out of hand very quickly. I told the guy at the dealership service department that I needed to talk to my husband before doing anything, that I would call him back. I then called GM warranty department because when I called them the day this happened, I was told that anything except a battery would be covered, including if it was a key issue. The dealership said none of it would be covered, so I called GM back to clarify. The rep was clueless, so I asked for a supervisor, explained the situation and she was going to call the dealership then call me back. She never did, she had the original rep leave me a voicemail saying that the service dept manager was in a meeting and unavailable all day, so they would try to talk to him tomorrow and call me tomorrow. In the meantime, the service dept manager called me and said my car was ready! I asked what he did and he said they made the new key. I never authorized that! He says I did authorize the key, just not a new battery. That is just not true, but he wanted me to bring their loaner back before they closed so I had to pay the $159 to get my car. $50 for the new key plus the diagnostic fee.

I know I should have probably thrown a fit, but I couldn't reach my husband, we had to have a vehicle to go out of town, and I was the only woman in that place. I really feel taken advantage of, because I still have no diagnosis and a very expensive new key that I probably didn't need. I called GM back and was told a supervisor would call me tomorrow.

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@sheriowaso, in my opinion, your concerns and complaint seem valid. If I were you, I would make my concerns about what happened known to customer support with GM. Take it up the chain of command as far as you have to in order to get some satisfaction. "Customer Support" and "Product Support" are supposed to now [since the bankruptcy of GM-2009] be the two of the most important pillars of GM's New Business Model. Seems some of the dealerships for GM have not yet adapted well to the new model. They will need to be reminded that GM is still on probation.
Also, come back to places like this forum and let others know how you have made out with your complaint to GM.
If GM does not change it ways and falls into the trap of its former arrogant attitudes, it will be destined to fail completely [bankruptcy chapter 11] and go the way of Studebaker!

Old  October 29th, 2010, 2:18 PM
Well, over a week has passed and I've still gotten no resolution or even decent response from GM or the dealership. The GM supervisor never called me back as promised, and whenever I called the reps that answer the phone all said they would transfer me to a supervisor, then they transferred me to someone's voicemail. After several days of this, I finally got a supervisor on the phone who said there was nothing they would do for me, even though we took the car to the dealership because we were told the repairs would be covered under warranty, even though the dealership couldn't figure out what was wrong and was guessing that it was the battery and/or key, and even though they replaced our key without any authorization from me. When I continued to complain, the supervisor said we would have to conference call with the service rep at the dealership, which I thought was pointless but I agreed. When the dealership answered their phone, we realized that the GM supervisor had hung up on me! He could have called right back, since we all know there's no way for me to call him back directly, but he did not. Clearly they just want to get rid of me. I am so frustrated with the whole situation, this is not only horrible customer service but also a lack of common courtesy in dealing with people. I just don't know what to do now.

Old  October 30th, 2010, 12:52 AM
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@sheriowaso It certainly seems that your dealership and the other persons that you have been talking with have been stalling and not responding to your complaint.
I do not know if you live in the USA or Canada, but I would say that if you are willing to persist in getting some satisfaction, you have some more actions that you can consider.

Keep all receipts and paperwork that you have regarding repairs done to the vehicle.
Keep good notes on all conversations that you have with anyone associated to this scenario, dealership, customer reps, etc.

If the problem is an ongoing situation that must be fixed, then you going to have to complete the repairs regardless of who pays the cost.

Consider going to another dealership for the repairs, if it is possible.

Meanwhile, move beyond the dealership and customer reps in your complaint. Place your complaint in writing and take it to the national customer service level. Go right to the top with your complaint.

When you get to this level with GM do not hesitate to remind GM that they had a broken business model and produced some poor product prior to 2009. GM has promised to do better by properly supporting their customers and their product. In your case, they have not done so. Tell them what it was that upset you regarding how the dealership handled your problem. Be a bit forceful in you conversation with them. Remind them that they will all be in the unemployment line if they do not do better. You have nothing to lose.

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