1948 Chevy Truck Is One Monster of a Vintage Pickup

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Chevy Truck

Forget about cruising around in a boring modern rig. What you need is this beastly, street legal vintage Chevy truck.

Let’s face it – cruising around in a new pickup or a restored vintage one is easy. Too easy. What you really need is something that’s going to draw more than its fair share of attention. Something you can hoon at any given notice, say if you have a bad day at work. Something that’ll put a smile on your face just as easily as smashing the go pedal. We’re talking about a ride like this crazy 1948 Chevy truck we spotted over at Mecum Auctions.

Pretty much the opposite of what you might call subtle, this monstrous vintage Chevy truck can’t possibly be ignored. Perhaps it’s the lifted suspension, which features goodies like Wiseco shocks. Or maybe it’s those knobby Super Swamper tires. But more likely, it’s that plus a set of massive stacks and the matte black paint job with green metallic flames.

Chevy Truck

Indeed, subtlety is not this old pickup’s forte. This thing was built to grab attention wherever it goes, and it’ll probably go anywhere. Motivating that motion is a built and stroked 383 small block Chevy, which breathes through a set of headers on its way to those aforementioned stacks. Because, well, you need to be heard just as easily as you’re seen, right?

Chevy Truck

The rest of this audacious Chevy truck is pretty mundane by those lofty standards. The interior is simple, with a covered bench seat and little else. But the money on this build was spent where it counts, of course. And nobody cares how basic the interior is when you’re driving what amounts to a street legal monster truck. Which in this case is much cooler than you average, boring new rig!

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