1955 Chevy COE Is One Totally Trippy Turbo Ride

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Voodoo Ride 1955 Chevy Van SEMA

‘Voodoo Ride’ Chevy 5400 build put a spell on us at SEMA. 

Chevrolet Forum is still recovering from a fuel-injected week of greatness at SEMA. But Cobblestone Customs‘ 1955 Chevy 5400 COE named “Voodoo Ride” definitely worked its magic on the crowds. This is one SEMA truck we won’t soon forget.

Voodoo Ride started off as a coach-built firetruck in Belgium. It served admirably for 22 years before it was retired to a warehouse. Until the the crew at Cobblestone brought it back to life last year. Cobblestone, located in Zele, Belgium, did all the work there and graciously brought this rad ride to Vegas for SEMA.

Voodoo Ride 1955 Chevy Van SEMA

The Voodoo Ride (also known as “Big Bertha”) has a 6.6 liter Duramax V8 engine, Allison transmission, backed with a 14-bolt with a limited slip differential.

Voodoo Ride 1955 Chevy Van SEMA

The interior was redone, and features cool wooden flooring and benches but retains it’s eclectic style and retro cool charm.

They added modern touches like a cool iPad-compatible audio system and Dakota digital gauges on the dash.

Voodoo Ride 1955 Chevy Van SEMA

They added a Brabant air ride suspension system, and Bertha rolls on 24″ billet wheels by Radical.

The green and white exterior is given a character for days with the patina and custom pinstriping. This old girl had a lot of life left in her, and she is a hot stunner.

Photos for Chevrolet Forum by Derin Richardson

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