1970 Chevy C10: Poster Child for the Perfect Truck

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Chevy C10

Does it get any better than a resale red, short bed, regular cab Chevy C10? We think not!

Ask anyone what their idea of the perfect truck is, and you’re bound to get a variety of responses. But we’d wager that a good majority of them consist of the iconic Chevy C10. From there, color and option choices are as varied as opinions on things like hot dogs. Some like ’em Chicago style with a bunch of tasty toppings, others like New York simplicity. But one thing that’s hard to argue with is a red, short bed, regular cab, 1970 Chevy C10.

Chevy C10

We spotted what might possibly be the perfect truck over at The Collector Car Network, and couldn’t help but share it with you, loyal reader. Draped in resale red, it’s hard to find many bones to pick with this classy ride. All of the original exterior trim remains, because, well, it just looks right that way. The owner did replace the original rally wheels with some aftermarket chrome pieces, but we won’t deduct any points for that.

Chevy C10

The interior looks equally fantastic, with a comfy grey cloth bench seat to perch in. Again, most everything looks original, which is just fine when you’re talking about one of the most aesthetically pleasing trucks ever built. And under the hood, you’ll find the iconic 350 V8 in original 255 hp guise, with less than 40k on a rebuild. So you know that it’s good to go for another 100k, at the very least.

Chevy C10

Throw in niceties like air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering, and you’ve got all the truck we’d ever want. Because when you’re proudly driving around in the quintessential pickup, a culmination of decades of progress, what more could you want? Yes, the Chevy C10 is quite simply the perfect truck. Now we can move on to other, equally silly arguments!

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