Would You Spend $300k on a 1967 Camaro Restomod?

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Chevy Camaro

This Is What a $420,000 1967 Camaro Built With Corporate Marketing Dollars Looks Like

SEMA is an awesome show to attend. Truly a bucket list items for all car die-hards, it offers the widest variety of modified rides from mild to wild. Some are built by little guys pinching pennies to make it big, and others are dumped truckloads of cash—literally. Which category do you think this Camaro represents?

Chevy Camaro

Let’s start with the fact that the 1967 Camaro is one of the most beautiful muscle car designs of all times. That’s most likely the main reason why the German chemical company BASF chose it as the foundation to their mega-dollar custom creation.

The winner of the 2015 Goodguys Builder’s Choice Award features a 6.2 liter Chevrolet Performance LS9 supercharged crate motor capable of producing 638 horsepower. In addition, a 6-speed manual transmission manages power going to the rear wheels, which are controlled and stopped by a Detroit Speed suspension and Baer brakes.

The current Ebay listing for this monster has a “Classified ad price” of only $299,000 bucks. We say only, because that’s a $121,000 discount from its “original” price! Riiiiiight.

Sure, we get the fact that it is an exquisitely designed machine. The BASF Carizzma Ruthless Red paint applied to the carbon fiber is stunning. The hand-crafted modern Camaro interior is wild. The custom wheels are gorgeous. Lastly, the performance of the thing has got to be ridiculous.

Chevy Camaro

We get all of that, but we also know that it’s a $300,000 1967 Camaro. And we think anyone would be ludicrous to buy it. Plus, just because it cost that much to put together, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth near that, right? We don’t doubt someone will buy it, but it won’t be easy.

Would you?

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