Badass Silverado Build Is Years in the Making

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‘TikiMax’ represents the ultimate build from Voodoo Customs, culminating from years of experience.

It’s hard to imagine, but every custom truck builder has to start somewhere. And that somewhere is usually a place many of us are familiar with – wrenching on them in our own garages. But these folks dream of doing that kind of stuff for a living. Some make it, some don’t. And those that do typically have to put in years and years of work to make it happen. Which is exactly the path that led Jeff Cleer​ to start Voodoo Customs and build this wild Silverado you see before you.

Chevy SIlverado

That path wasn’t exactly linear, either. Like most of us, Cleer’s interest in vehicles began at a ripe age. Before long, he was building his own race car, and eventually his focus turned to custom trucks. It’s clear that he’s a passionate guy, one who began his current path by wrenching on his own 2011 Chevy Silverado. After four or five transformations, the result was good enough that is grabbed the attention of Spag’s Garage. The company needed a truck for its SEMA display, and “Voodoo” fit the bill.

Chevy SIlverado

The rest, as they say, is history. Cleer’s original build drew enough attention that it led to another Silverado SEMA build. And then the beast you see before you, which Cleer dubbed “TikiMax.” The beastly Duramax-powered ride sits in the sky thanks to a 10-12″ Cognito Motorsports lift. The massive rolling stock consists of 22×12″ Anthem wheels and Toyo tires.

Chevy SIlverado

The body of the Silverado carries on that aggressive look with Bodyguard bumpers and Bushwacker fender flares. C4 Off-Road Products​ lighting is more than enough to keep the trails lit, and the mighty diesel has received a full tune for extra oomph. All together, it’s one of the finer Silverado builds you’ll ever see. And a testament to what hard work, passion, and vision can do for a guy with big dreams.

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