Bagged Chevy C10 Pickup is Close to Perfection

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Chevrolet C10

Thanks to a complete makeover, this C10 is an absolute showstopper.

There aren’t a lot of modern trucks that are slammed to the ground, and there’s a good reason why: They just don’t look good. Trucks like this 1968 Chevrolet C10, which can be thoroughly enjoyed in this video by U.S. Mags, proves that older trucks look incredible when they’re barely off the ground.

Chevrolet C10

As The Drive points out, the 1968 C10 is a beautiful truck, most likely because of its rounder shape that disappeared as the truck grew up. And the owner, Kyle Williams, clearly knows what goes into making a gorgeous custom truck. The truck features an amazing two-tone paint job with the higher parts of the truck being a darker shade of gray than the lower parts. Gray, a color that German automakers are infatuated with, really shines against the white trims around the front grille and staggered, 22-inch candy red wheels by U.S. Mags.

Chevrolet C10

Williams, according to The Drive, didn’t just focus on the exterior of the truck, as a mighty LS3 motor powers the C10. And the truck can get as low as a hypercar thanks to a complicated air suspension setup from California Rod and Custom, claims the outlet.

To get a closer, lengthy look at the gorgeous truck check out the video above. The video will have you searching through local classifieds to find an old truck to customize, because Williams and California Rod & Custom, the shop that did the build, clearly know what they’re doing.

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