2018 Equinox: Top 5 Reasons We’re Lovin’ Chevy’s New TV Spot

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Sexy locales, Star Wars-like tech, and a Carl Carlton quote ensure that next-gen Equinox’s latest ad is not easily forgotten.

Being the Chevy fanatics that we are, we’re kind of loving the new TV spot for the 2017 Chevrolet Equinox. The ad perfectly spotlights a sexy red Equinox in a variety of exciting U.S. locales while letting real-life drivers sound off about what they love most about the Bow Tie’s newest SUV. And while those folks are lovin’ their Chevy Equinox, we’re lovin’ the company’s latest Equinox spotlight for a variety of reasons, with these being our top five:

2018 Equinox

1. It is a fun reminder of exactly what we find so striking about the new Equinox. It is: “sexy,” “aggressive,” “not overbearing” and most importantly, it’s a versatile machine that “looks like you could take it off-roading” and “at the same time, it looks like a car that you can take to a nice event.”

2. We still get our mind blown each and every time we see a real-life display of the Equinox’s badass birds-eye-view camera in action. Just like the young lady in the clip, we are steeped in wonderment over the amazing technology that is such an incredible addition to the Equinox. Plus, it finally took our mind off wondering about magnets and how they work.


We are steeped in wonderment over the Equinox’s amazing technology, which finally took our mind off wondering about magnets and how they work.


 2018 Equinox

3. It’s a relief to learn that we are not the only ones who don’t know what the hell a sousaphone is!

4. Seeing the Equinox looking so sporty and sleek against equally gorgeous backdrops — from Los Angeles’ hot spot mall The Grove to the heart of New Orleans — makes us want to go on another long distance road trip.

5. Ever since we first saw the Chevy commercial a week ago, we just can’t get Grammy nominee Carl Carlton‘s addictive 1981 hit out of our cabeza. Night and day, day and night, that chorus mercilessly plays through our head 24/7/365…

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