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Chevy Carpice

Chevrolet’s Bad-guy Buster is Going the Way of the Dodo, with No Replacement in Sight

We just told you about the death of the Chevy SS sedan. Now, it seems that announcement also means the end for the police-edition Caprice, too. It should come as no surprise considering the two cars share a platform. What is surprising is that there are no known plans on what might replace the RWD sedan in the law enforcement community.

The Motor Report shared a recent conversation they had with Holden’s National Sales Director, Peter Keley. He stated that there are no plans to continue production of the car. When questioned if there is a replacement coming, he stated quite flatly “No.” Keley said the decision is down to volume. “It’s a small market, and there’s only so many niche products you can have in a complete portfolio,” he said.

Chevy Caprice

This leaves Chevy in an even weaker position than ever before when it comes to snagging lucrative government hire contracts for police units. In the past, Ford dominated the law enforcement market with the Crown Vic. Now, Dodge is cleaning up with the Challenger. There is history of offering FWD cars as police units with the Impala, so that leaves one avenue open.

The Impala police model is relatively successful. However, it leaves a poor impression on many enforcement agencies when compared to the old Crown Vic and modern Charger. This is arguably why the take-rate on the Caprice PPV has been so low. At the very least, we suppose it’s one less pair of headlights to memorize for those fast-paced night drives in your Corvette.

What do you guys think? Should Chevy rush to produce a new RWD sedan to replace the Holden-based SS and Caprice PPV? Or should the Bowtie focus on dumping more money into its current crop of cars instead, and leave all the police chases to the folks at Dodge and Ford?

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