Chevy Heaven & Raising Hell at 2019 LS Fest West

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LS Fest West 2019

Cleetus McFarland’s ‘Cleetus & Cars’ kicked off  a weekend burnouts, donuts, drifting, launching, racing and more LS awesomeness.  

The Holley LS Fest West is the event to catch some truly thrilling automotive action. The event celebrates everything and anything that can be done on the LS platform. For three days, Chevrolet Forum got to take in all the LS power on display. A wide range of events has something for every GM fan, and a wealth of standout Chevy and GMC trucks.

On display and in the thick of things were a huge range of race cars, trucks, muscle cars, drift cars, classics, and more, all rocking some serious LS power.

LS Fest West 2019

You Tube star Cleetus McFarland was on hand, bringing his “Cleetus & Cars” tire-killing madness to the sideshow. The name of the game was burnouts. And the pit featured some solid trucks and cars that were ready to roast, and they tore it up!

LS Fest West 2019

This tough truck got the crowd pumped with some fast and solid smoky fun.

A GMC pickup came to play, and take no prisoners.

LS Fest West 2019

Definitely a favorite of ours, this truck had the moves to punish the pit.

Rad in red, this truck was not only great looking, but showed it had to chops to burn baby burn.

LS Fest West 2019

He put on a tire-shredding, smoky display that beautifully demonstrated some red-hot LS action.

LS Fest West 2019

Probably one of the crowd’s favorite, was this sexy little Corvette that showed it was born to burnout.

LS Fest West 2019

It went hardcore, and was definitely a scene-stealer–that is, if you can actually see it among all the smoke it created!

Among all the cars and trucks were some very cool rides, built on the LS platform and including some LS swapped builds including a Mercedes-Benz, and a 1977 Mini with a Supercharged LSx V8.

LS Fest West 1977 Mini Supercharged LSx V8

Photos for Chevrolet Forum by Derin Richardson

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