“FUBAR” Chevy Cavalier is a Twin-Engine Masterpiece

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The vast majority of Cavalier owners are zipping around in their long-lived, compact Chevys keeping them running with nothing but dirty wrenches and the help of strangers. Of course, there are outliers. Take this twin-engine masterpiece for instance.

Meet the “Fubar” Chevy Cavalier. The project started as a joke while working on their Z24, “my youngest son was asked, ‘what do you want to do with the extra engine and trans’ we had, and his response was, ‘throw it in the back seat.'” So they did.

The result is a car that Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of. With 12 cylinders and 6.8 liters of displacement, it should also be pretty dang quick. A dyno test rated the front engine at 115 horsepower and the rear motor at 120. Not bad, considering that these engines have been pulled kicking and screaming from the early 90s into the present. That’s just about 250 horsepower at the wheels with enough torque to tear the car apart from the middle.

This is not the quickest, most efficient, or reliable ways to turn a Cavalier into a quick car, but it’s definitely one of the coolest.

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