2017 Bolt Lands in Georgia Six Months Early! Sorta.

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Chevy dealership devises brilliant plan to get hotly-anticipated EV early, landing a new Bolt in the most spectacular way possible.

Thanks to the work of a couple of Chevy Bolt enthusiasts, the next time the devil goes down to Georgia, hell have one of the coolest cars in town at his disposal.

Chevrolet’s hotly-anticipated electric vehicle — the 2017 Bolt — is not set to hit dealerships in the Georgia area until September. But, of course, some Bolt fans just can’t wait that long for what’s sure to be the hit of the year. So, a Chevy dealer from Chamblee, Georgia decided to head over a few states and bring one back.

“The Bolt is not available in Georgia so we went to California and bought one,” says Mark Frost, VP of Operations of the Jim Ellis Chevrolet dealership. “We wanted our customers to be able to test-drive the vehicle in advance of them being available for purchase.” In addition to the Golden State, the Bolt is also currently on sale in Oregon.


‘We wanted our customers to be able to test-drive the vehicle in advance of them being available for purchase.’


Another reason that Frost and his team wanted a Chevy Bolt six months early is because they have a pressing engagement coming up and they want to save the day with a Bolt. See, the Jim Ellis Chevrolet dealership is a sponsor of a local charity run called, interestingly enough, the “Brookhaven Bolt.” The dealership wanted to wow participants and spectators by having a Chevy Bolt on display at the fun-run event, which will benefit Ashford Park Elementary School. “As the pace car provider for the 5K event, it only seemed fitting that a Chevrolet Bolt should serve as the lead car for the Brookhaven Bolt!,” says Frost.

Jim Ellis Chevrolet also has an advantage that most of its local competitors don’t: a solar EV charging station.

So, in the end, this crafty Chevy salesman devised a way to give his customers what they want without any spending a cent on overhead. In a word: brilliant!



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