Hoonigans Slam a Classic Chevrolet C10 Pickup

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Just about everything between the road and the chassis of this gorgeous C10 was replaced during the project.

Zac Mertens is a regular host in the videos from the Hoonigans and one of the newer clips on their Hoonigan Project Car channel walks us through the process of slamming his spotless Chevrolet C10 pickup. He has plans to add big power, so rather than relying on a basic lowering job, just about everything that connects to the wheels was replaced with higher-quality parts that lower the stance of the machine.

The Previous Work

The video opens with Zac explaining what has been done to his Chevy C10 thus far, having focused on improved drivability and a little more power from the original V8 engine. This includes a Holley EFI kit, Hooker headers and MSD spark plug wires.

Zac and C10

Also, when he bought it, the truck was lowered with a simple set of springs and drop shackles, but he wanted an even lower stance and he wanted the suspension to be capable of handling big power. With that in mind, the goal of this video is to change just about everything that keeps the body off of the ground.

Chevy C10 When Purchased

Planned Upgrades

Before tearing into the C10, we get a rundown of the parts purchased for this project. This list included a Beltech suspension kit that leads to a five-inch drop in the front and a seven-inch drop out back, with new spindles, springs and shocks up front while an axle flip kit, a C-notch kit, shocks and leaf springs out back.

Chevy C10 Upgrades

Rather than sticking with the stock Chevrolet differential, this truck is being upgraded with a Currie 9-inch performance rear differential that is being fitted with Wilwood four-piston brake calipers. There are also front and rear sway bars going in, so this truck will ride lower, but it will also ride and corner far better than it did in stock form.

Rear First

The project begins out back, with the bed of the classic Chevy C10 being removed for easy access to the rear differential and suspension. Since everything out back is being replaced, the team basically strips it down to the bare frame, allowing them to cut the notches for suspension travel. Meanwhile, the rear differential was equipped with the Wilwood brakes and prepared for the install.

Chevy C10 Bed Off

Once the chassis has been cut, drilled and painted, the C-notch reinforcements were bolted into place followed by the rest of the rear end bits. This includes the new differential, the new springs, the new shocks and the sway bars. The only thing that isn’t finished during this step was the actual tightening of the rear differential, as it has to be angled with all of the tires on the ground and the suspension loaded.

Chevy C10 Rear Suspension Upgraded

Front End Clean-Up

Up front, the team began by tearing out the old shocks, springs and spindles, making room for the new drop spindles, shocks and coil springs. While the front end was apart, new ball joints and tie rod ends were installed for improved longevity, followed by installing the new bits that contribute to the lowering effort.

Chevy C10 Front End Work

Finally, the unique Detroit Steel 20-inch wheels with a retro design and low profile tires were bolted up, the truck was lowered to the ground and everything was ready to be aligned and tightened up.

Chevy C10 Slammed

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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