Insane K5 Blazer Celebrates Hoonigan Milestone in Style

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What better way to celebrate a one-year anniversary that with a ramp-jumping, two-wheelin’ Chevy K5 Blazer?

By now, you’re all undoubtedly familiar with the ridiculous antics of the folks at Hoonigan. The brainchild of racer Ken Block, Hoonigan is not just a motorsports team, but a company that enjoys pushing crazy builds to their max. So to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their YouTube series Daily Transmission, they obviously had to do something very special. Their self-described “present to us” was a little parking lot hoonage with a K5 Blazer owned by none other than BJ Baldwin.

K5 Blazer

Baldwin, an off-road racing champion himself, had already appeared in DT’s 100th episode. In that particular segment, he brought along his Baja 1000 Toyota Tundra race truck for a little tire-shredding fun. But as awesome as that ride was, his K5 Blazer, nicknamed “Loki,” is even cooler. Stuffed with a 600 hp LS, King suspension, and Alcon brakes, it’s more than capable of lighting up its big Open Country rubber. Or just riding around on two of those beefy tires.

K5 Blazer

Baldwin and his Blazer are the gift that keeps on giving, stretching that long-travel suspension to the max. With a few easy ramp jumps and some seriously beefy brakes, the big truck navigates Hoonigan’s small lot with ease. Time and time again, Baldwin whips it around and hits the ramp as naturally as you or I might navigate into a large parking space. The only mishap is a chunk taken out of the parking lot when the Blazer stands on its rear bumper.

K5 Blazer

But the mix-and-match Blazer, which sports parts from many generations of Chevys, saves the best for last. Nobody had ever done two-wheel stunts on any of the 237 DT episodes, so Baldwin wanted to be the first. After a little practice, he nails the maneuver. And busts out a long, celebratory series of donuts, of course!

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