Need a Lyft? NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Goes Undercover!

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Danica Patrick

Ever since Jeff Gordon┬áposed as a customer on a car-shopping test drive gave a car salesman a ride he will never forget, celebrity racer undercover assignments have grown in popularity. This time it’s all-around badass chick and Chevy driver, Danica Patrick that gets to do the trolling.

In a YouTube video recently released by ride-sharing company, Lyft, NASCAR’s girl power can be seen chatting with customers as she drives them to their preset destination in a new Chevy Malibu, all while trying to not give away her extremely popular identity.

Whether you follow Indycar, or NASCAR, or nothing at all, Patrick has always been extremely marketable due to her gender, and even sometimes regardless of her performance on track. Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out next time you board a Lyft, go car shopping, or do anything else that involves a NASCAR sponsor.

You just never know!

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