Colorado with 730 HP Is Roadster Shop’s Best Build Ever

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Roadster Shop - 2015 Chevy Colorado PreRunner 8

Rad ride is made to race over any terrain but still has creature comforts.

The Roadster Shop has made a name for itself as a place that creates some of the baddest hot rods and muscle cars. However, when they got their hands on a stock 2015 Chevy Colorado, they did something completely different. The Roadster Shop crew decided to turn that stock Colorado into a badass prerunner off-road vehicle, nicknamed the “ColoRADo.”

A prerunner is a truck that is meant to run the off-road race course before an official race occurs. These trucks are just as powerful as any racing truck, without the need to win. This makes the truck capable of maneuvering through any course, but it also has some of the bells and whistles that make it a comfortable ride, too.

As profiled recently by Digital Trends, Roadster Shop put in a 7.0-liter V8 with 730 horsepower inside the Colorado, with a four-speed automatic transmission. Obviously, you can’t just stick with the stock suspension, so they put in Fox Racing coil overs and other modifications that allowed for 22 inches of travel in the front and 27 inches in the back.

Since this racing truck isn’t meant to win any real races, they kept the interior mostly stock, with a few major modifications. Roadster Shop added a new dashboard and steering wheel. Also added were racing seats and a new digital instrument cluster. Oh, and obviously a roll cage, just in case.

Colorados lend themselves to being modified, but this one takes the cake for being such a major transformation. From the stark contrast of the blue and white exterior to the roll cage, there’s no denying this bad boy would be an amazingly fun ride.

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