Van Hellin’: We Found the Hottest Rides Right Here in Our Forums

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Chevrolet Forum

The van lifestyle is alive in our forums, and you have to see some of the awesomely modded rides driven by Chevrolet Forum members!

Sure, vans will forever conjure up images of bubble windows, shag carpeting and groovy exterior graphics because of their immense popularity in the Seventies. After the van concept first hit the auto world in 1969, it seemed like the world’s most creative auto enthusiasts came out of the woodwork to get started on modding their own van and immersing themselves in all the road adventures that this new style of people-hauler offered. And throughout pop culture history, it was always the coolest–or at least the most memorable–folks on the scene who were seen in vans.

The boxy, four-wheeler has served as rolling crew-transporter for B.A. Baracus’ “A-Team,” which traveled in a GMC Vandura van during the original run of the hit Eighties series The A-Team.  A 1967 VW van was used  as a roving party pit for beloved stoner Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And Uncle Rico’s rockin’ 1975 Dodge B300 Tradesman Santana conversion van from Napoleon Dynamite gave him instant street cred despite the porn ‘stache.

We found some equally influential van fans right here in the Chevrolet Forum community who are keeping the van lifestyle rolling into new and exciting territories. Now, no one is gonna argue that Chevy’s Taco ain’t tasty, and the Silverado is certainly golden, but when you’re looking for something a bit more suited to a personal lifestyle led by an undying quest for weekend road adventures and traveling in ultimate comfort that allows you to share your space with a half-dozen friends, you can’t go wrong with a Chevy van. In fact, the topic is very popular on in Chevrolet Forums‘ “Express & G-Series Vans” forums, where we came across this very cool thread titled “Show Off your Van…Pictures Please!” that was started in 2009 and continues to grow, currently clocking in at 29 pages. The OP made a straightforward request and the results are awesome! Check out our Top 10 Grooviest Vans from the Chevrolet Forums…

Weld Thing

Chevrolet Forum vans

Van fan 983_vanbuilder shared these gorgeous shots of this incredible 4xx Explorer Van conversion that California-based WeldTec Designs built for SEMA 2017, upgrading it with a three-inch lift and coilover conversion in the front and custom springs in the rear. “Looks like it would be a fun van to play in the dirt,” says 983_vanbuilder, and we couldn’t agree more.

Chevrolet Forum vans

Chevrolet Forum vans

Van Hellin’: Cherry Bomb continued…

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