Vintage Chevys Headed to 70th Annual Grand National Roadster Show

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1958 Chevy truck

World’s longest-running indoor car show to feature one-of-a-kind rides, Jan. 25-27 in SoCal.

January is usually a blah month. Post-holiday doldrums and winter weather hits most of us with a big ol’ case of “meh.” But meh no more this winter, an awesome and massive car show is coming.

The O’Reilly Grand National Roadster Show will be in Pomona, California on January 25 to 27, 2019. The huge car show features a myriad of truly amazing rides.

1958 Chevy truck

The show runs the gamut from customs, hot rods, vintage gems, restorations, muscle cars; pretty much a never ending car and truck paradise. There will be over 1,000 vehicles featured. Inside the Fairplex, over 500 show vehicles will be on show. They will be in the running for both awards and bragging rights. Outside, the 14th Annual Grand Daddy Drive-In will have hundreds more amazing rides.

To attend or to sign up your ride for the Grand National Roadster Show, click here.

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