Chevy Monster Truck Destroys Off-Road Course: Wildin’ Out Wednesdays

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‘Sick 50’ uses 1,300 Bowtie ponies and a sick suspension setup to do what no other vintage Chevy monster truck can.

The world of mud bogging and mud racing is chock full of plenty of modern machines. Because, well, it’s just easier to build a highly capable race rig from something fresh off the factory floor. Modern trucks are more capable from the get-go, and often easier and/or cheaper to build. But there are a few brave souls out there who keep it real by sticking to vintage iron. Like this amazing classic Chevy monster truck built by PT Customs out of Sommers, Connecticut.

PT builds all sorts of crazy contraptions, from dune buggies to full-on race rigs to custom golf carts. But our favorite of the bunch is obviously this Chevy monster truck known as Sick 50. The appropriately named 1950 model pickup is 100% metal, which is also a bit unusual in the world of mud racing. But everything else, of course, is far from stock. Including the BMF Fab full tube chassis, heavy duty driveshafts, and Profab Straight Drive transfer case.

Chevy Monster Truck

Powering this beastly Chevy monster truck is an equally monster motor. 540 cubic inches of Chevy big block pumps out 1,300 horsepower, which turns all four tires using a TH400 transmission. Toss on a set of massive BKT tires, and you’ve got a combo made to slay any muddy surface it encounters. Not to mention fly over man made hills with such grace that you’d think it might actually have some table manners.

Chevy Monster Truck

But we all know better than that. This crazy ’50 Chevy might look like a show truck, but it’s all business on the weekends. Throw the hammer down, and this thing takes off like a slingshot, ready to destroy any terrain in its path. And in this video, it does exactly that, proving its worth on a variety of impossible surfaces. Not to mention slicing through the air like a skilled gymnast!

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