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2009 Silverado LT 1500 electrical problem

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November 7th, 2014, 10:43 AM   #51  
Posted By: Daddy_Jx5 My truck has been doing the same thing as everyone else's in the fore mentioned posts. I have checked all connections and fuses along with having a code check ran and it always comes back clear. The only thing the dealership seems concerned with is me paying them $120 bucks to hook up their code checker. It seems like from all of the other posts I've seen from these GM folks and their generic answers is that they could give a s**t as well. What's it going to take for what is obviously a real issue to be addressed and taken seriously?
Hey Daddy_Jx5,

We recognize you're a bit hesitant to work with us, but we can imagine this must be an upsetting situation for you. Although we're unable to provide technical assistance, we will do everything on our end to assist towards a solution. Feel free to private message us your VIN, mileage and contact information. We'd be happy to reach out to your dealership to explore additional options on your behalf.

Amber N.
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January 7th, 2015, 9:49 PM   #52  
Faulty ground wire

I have been having the same issue as described above with my 2009 Silverado 1500. The door locks going crazy, lights flickering, radio issues and the truck going from drive to park while driving... I took it into the Chevy dealership and they told me they have seen this a lot, it ends up being the main ground cable that connects to the battery. I have had mine replaced and have not had the issue reoccur. Hopefully it fixes the problem!

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January 28th, 2015, 12:44 PM   #53  
Posted By: aimeemark2006 I purchased a 2009 Chevy silverado in June 2014. About 2 months ago it started sending a Stabillitrak "error" message. WHILE DRIVING, this has escalated to the following:
  1. door locks cycle over and over
  2. stabillitrak error message
  3. radio turns off and on
  4. RPM's spike into red area - VERY DANGEROUS-
  5. Gauges go crazy on dash
  6. hard to start after I pull over
I bought my 2009 Silervado this past December 2014. After 5-6 weeks it started doing the same things other people have posted. Instead of the rpm issue above, my truck's speedometer was bouncing from 70mph to 55mph on the highway. The truck did lose a little power while this was going on, but not the way the speedo was acting. My truck turned the heater & fan off and on instead of the radio. No stabillitrak error, but lots of voltage errors.

I saw this forum before taking my truck in last week, so I had a pretty good idea what to tell the dealership about things to look for. The service tech told me on the phone the symptoms sounded like a throttle position sensor, which the dealer would cover the cost of the repair plus the cost of my rental car. I asked if this was a recall or some sort of warranty repair, his reply was "no, but this is something we take care of when it happens."

Turns out it ended being the battery cables & mega fuse like several other people have posted. In fact, this defect generated so much heat, the cable that was supposed to be orange had all the color baked off of it. You could also see scorch mark on the terminal connections.

What I want to know is why Chevy/the dealership is willing to absorb the cost of a throttle sensor and not this? This seems like a much more serious problem. I contacted Chevy's customer care phone# and received a case number & a senior advisor and was told I would hear back from someone withing 24-48 hour. Didn't happen. Called customer care back to follow up when I wasn't contacted and still haven't heard from either the dealership or Chevy.

Someone from Chevy care to explain?


Finally had a GM"Senior Advisor" contact me about my incident. Whatever database she's using, this issue doesn't exist. She said all that she could do is "reach out" to the dealership to see if they could help me out since the truck was out of factory warranty. The customer care person at the dealership never contacted me. The service tech at the dealership said there really wasn't anything they could do and didn't have any answer as to why the throttle sensor could be replaced at no charge when the truck was out of warranty and this couldn't.

After SEVERAL attempts to get back in touch with my Senior Advisor and her closing my case without my knowing, I told her I that this problem was an engineering defect and GM is responsible for fixing it. She said that there was nothing more she could do so I asked to speak with her supervisor. Close to a week goes by and I don't get contacted (should have been 24-48hrs). Call my Senior Advisor back and left her a message stating that I was EXTREMELY unhappy with their customer service since I hadn't been contacted.

[By the way, when dialing into GM's customer care for the first time expect at least a 15-20 minute hold. Each time you call thereafter, you hold time gets remarkably shorter. The last time I called, the hold was maybe 20 seconds. That changes when you get assigned someone. Once you get somebody's extension, expect to always leave voicemail messages and they will maybe call you back within 24hrs. If you want to speak with your person, follow the prompts to talk to a generic representative and then complain to that person that you can't get in touch with your advisor. Most of the time that works.]

Get a call back from another GM representative Bill telling me my case has now been forwarded the GM's Executive Office and someone from that office will be contacting me shortly. When Bill called he only let my phone ring 3 times before he hung up and didn't leave a message. Unbelievably he actually answered his phone when I called back seconds later and said he was glad to get in contact with me. So now I wait for another 3 days and don't get contacted. I call Bill back to see what's going on or to get the contact info for the Executive Office and this time he doesn't answer his phone and it doesn't have voicemail. So I call my original Senior Advisor back and complain to her that there's no way for me to contact her supervisor Bill and I was getting more and more disgusted with GM.

Finally get contacted by a rep in the Executive Office. Leaves me a message and we play phone tag for 4 days. Decided it was time to talk to a human in the Executive Office and just waited in the voicemail system until a rep answered. She said she would go to my guy's office and check to see if he was in and of course he had just left for the day. Finally get in touch with him bright and early on a Monday using the wait in the system to talk to a rep approach. I knew if I dialed his extension it would just go right to his voicemail. So we chat a bit and he basically tells me that GM doesn't know about this issue. I told him that was impossible because of this particular forum that is moderated by Chevy personnel. He tells me there isn't anything he or GM can do since the truck is out of warranty but I'll be notified with a letter if there ever is a recall. I told him if this is how GM stands by there products by denying there's clearly a problem with the electrical system and refusing to fix the problem, this is the last GM product I will ever buy and I will share my experience with everyone I know. I asked him if there was a supervisor above him that could overrule this policy and he said that this was the Executive Office was the highest level for these issues.

From the start of my initial complaint with GM to this unhappy ending took about 6 weeks. I suggest that everyone with this problem file a complaint with the National Transportation Highway Traffic Administration here:

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March 15th, 2015, 10:08 PM   #54  
Last Attempt

Has anyone gotten a real reponse to this issue? I have an 09 Chevrolet Surburban LT with exactly the same issues and this situation is getting way out of control. I have purchase nothing but GM vehicles as I use to work for them, my fanily the same. However, now im starting to doubt GM has this situation under control. If I dont have a fix soon Im switching car companies for good. Ive gone thru several forums and all I see is responses like "Feel free to private message us your VIN, mileage and contact information. We'd be happy to reach out to your dealership to explore additional options on your behalf." This is not helping any of us here......

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September 12th, 2017, 4:57 PM   #55  
Has anyone had a fix for the issue? 2009 Silverado LTZ , I have had to dealer twice, they performed a global scan (that was the service tech called it). Repalced BCM, Alternator, battery. mega fuse , negative battery cable. $1500+ later still same issues. When driving on interstate a few weeks ago, use turn signal to change lanes, lose power and all the crazy issues start exactly as others have stated on this thread. Same thing by applying brakes. Apparently GM don't care, no one has poted a solution. Seems they like to instruct you to take it to the dealer for service, did that no fix. Can someone help? Or is several lifes going to have to be lost before GM decides their is a issue?

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March 26th, 2018, 11:34 PM   #56  
Same Problem

Posted By: A-train My truck started with the doors locking and gages jumping, local dealer replaced mega 175 fuse, and truck acted right for a month or so. Then it would just loose power for a second and then come back on. they then ran negative wire through truck. Problem continued and then they ran a positive wire, and problem continued. it is still loosing power for a short time and returning to normal and sometimes the stabiltrack flashes off and back on. Have also noticed that cruise control does not wanna work at times. The dealer has a 08 up their now with same problem and they got 38 pages of stuff their looking at, their idea is to find it their and mine should be the same. Has anybody found a answer out their yet, im ready to get this fixed and move on.

I have a 2010 with the same exact problem. Did you ever get a fix for yours?

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March 26th, 2018, 11:37 PM   #57  
I have a 2010 with the same exact problem. Did you ever get a fix for yours? I am so sick of this truck!!!

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June 18th, 2018, 1:50 PM   #58  
Posted By: jamesethon (First post)

I was driving down the road to drop a couch off at the thrift store when... all of a sudden... my automatic doorlocks started locking and unlocking rapidly. It showed up on the instrument panel as well. This was the first time it had ever done anything like that, and I drove a lot today. It didn't do it after that incident.

Has anyone experienced this problem? I don't think it's serious. I would probably guess some sort of hicup but you never know...
I did had a 2009 truck until this last weekend when i was driving down the highway and all of a sudden my power locks went crazy so i pulled over on the side of the road and the truck would not move, instead white and black smoke came out of the hood and i was lucky enough to have an ex fireman come running up and told me to get out, i got out and went to safety as the truck just started to smoke and flames shooting out,tires blowing up and burned to the ground. What i didnt relaize at the time was I was in it. I am not saying it is gms fault but i am going to have it investagaed myself. i am sure they would have down a free invesagation if I would have died. my advise get the inspection done yourself or either get rid of it before something happens. A auto can be replaced, you can't. sorry bout the spelling but still not over this. A retiree of GM and very upset over this all. good luck and god bless.

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June 18th, 2018, 2:07 PM   #59  
go to another auto. mine burnt to the ground after this happen and I was in it. I did get out but what if the locks would let me out, Id be dead. I will not purchase another Gm product and I retired from Gm. Sorry but I almost lost my life. GM just like any other car doesnt give a crap about you and as the car companies go on they get richer and we die. GM doesnt want to pay the workers what they use to so they cut corners anyway they can but who pays. either u or or kids life or someone you love.

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June 19th, 2018, 9:45 AM   #60  

I had same issue change the mega fuse 175 amp and it should stop all issues as described a 6$ part maybe

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