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93 Cavalier with no spark, a real head scratcher here.

Old  April 5th, 2010, 3:33 AM
93 Cavalier with no spark, a real head scratcher here.

1993 Cavalier wagon with a 2.2L and auto will start first thing in the morning but dies after 5-8 minutes. The car will usually restart but only run 20-30 seconds before it dies again and has no spark at all. First thing I think of is the ignition module so I pull it off and have it tested at the parts store, it tests out fine. He actually tested it three times in a row to make sure it was working correctly, passed every time. Bought a crank sensor, plug wires and two coils and reinstalled everything and ended up with the same results, runs for 5-8 minutes and dies with no spark afterward. Let the car sit for several hours and it will do it all again for you, fun game but makes it a pain in the rear to get to work. During one of the times it was running correctly I pulled and twisted on all the wires and connectors, looking for a loose connection, with no change at all, it still died after 5-8 minutes. SO..... It is not the module, the coils, crank sensor, plug wires, loose connection, muffler bearing, firewall gasket or blinker fluid. I also checked the ignition switch, the actual electrical switch, and it is functioning correctly. Has anyone been through this before? Could you share your knowledge? Possibly a ECM problem? Do theses cavaliers have a auto shutdown relay?

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Old  April 8th, 2010, 7:01 PM
okay, figured it out. The problem ended up being the ignition module, even though it tested as being good at advance auto. Found a whole module/coils pack at the salvage yard for $75 and it is back on the road, new module was $149 at the parts stores.

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