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Malibu Oil Change

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Malibu Oil Change

I changed the oil on my brothers 2010 Malibu tonight, he has the 2.4 L4 in it. After draining all the oil out and changing the filter, i added the 5 quarts and let the car run for several minutes. I then shut the car down and checked the dipstick level, however it shows nothing. I then drove the car around for a few minutes and checked it. It then showed full, but once i wiped it off and checked it again, it once again registered nothing on the dipstick. This worries me. If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated.



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You need to let the car cool down and let the oil drain back down to the oil pan. On my 09 Malibu that is what I do after I do my oil changes and I also add 5 quarts of Amsoil to mine and it fills it right to the correct level.

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