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2001 suburban 2500 which fuel pump

Old  October 29th, 2011, 8:27 AM
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2001 suburban 2500 which fuel pump

I have a 2001 suburban 2500 4x4 and need to replace the fuel pump. There are two listed. Does anyone know how to tell by the VIN # which pump is required? also, any recommendation on brands to use?

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Any good parts store should be able to tell you buy the vin, not a big box chain store. Only use a AC Delco or Delphi pump anything else will fail quickly

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The 2500's have a pretty convoluted fuel system. Actually have 2 tanks although there is no manual switching between them, they function as a single tank. Fill goes to rear (secondary) tank where it is transferred by secondary fuel unit to front (primary) tank. If you are able to utilize the entire 38.5 gallon volume of the system you probably need the front (primary) pump.

Have a leak somewhere in mine and have not had time to crawl under it to find it (doesn't help that it seems to be either raining or even snowing when I have some time to inspect it).

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