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Battery Warning Light Blinking - 02 Tahoe

Old  August 12th, 2009, 6:05 PM
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Battery Warning Light Blinking - 02 Tahoe

My battery warning light just started to blink on and off every few seconds. The voltage meter is also down to around 12. I had a new OEM alternator put in the vehicle about 3 months ago and all wires and connections look solid. The battery is a probably 2 1/2 years old and I'm wondering if that could be it. Any insight wold be appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum. Check the battery w/ a good DVM. Fully charged should read > 13V.

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Most of the time when the battery light comes on it needs a alternator. It should actually be called a alternator light. With a car or truck running the battery actually does not do much, it is kind just a buffer for the electrical system. The alternator provides the voltage, when the battery light is on it means that voltage has gone below a specific amount so when that alternator is not charging properly the car begins to run off the battery power. Then because battery voltage has gotten to low (because alternator is not working and charging) the light comes on. You should have the battery and alternator tested. The $20 or less for the test will save a lot if you get the wrong part. Just because a alternator puts out voltage does not mean it works it must put out the correct amperage to charge the battery and run the entire electrical system. Also new or almost new does not mean good. I have seen several new alternators fail days, weeks or months after install.

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