1958 Chevy Apache Is Old School Personified

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Chevy Apache

While today’s trucks are designed to scare and intimidate, this Chevy Apache is as approachable as your average grandmother.

These days, we like our trucks to look as tough as they perform. Take a peek at any full-size pickup made today, and you’ll undoubtedly notice their aggressive appearance. Trucks today scowl at you, intimidate you, and persuade that hybrid in front of you in the left lane to move over. But this angry styling wasn’t always a thing in pickup truck land. There was a time when trucks were every bit as stylish and approachable as passenger cars. Just take this 1958 Chevy Apache pickup, for example.

We spotted the timeless classic over at The Collector Car Network, where its inoffensive looks drew us right in. Much like grandma’s house, filled with nostalgic trinkets and the never-ending smell of something good in the oven. This Chevy Apache is nothing less than a pure symbol of nostalgia, inside and out. It all starts with that attractive design, featuring curvy fenders and boatloads of chrome. And the old school two-tone red and white paint job accentuates those lines to perfection.

Chevy Apache

Matching painted steel wheels with wide white wall tires are the perfect choice for rolling stock, of course. And that same theme continues inside, where you’ll find the same combination on the door panels, dash, and bench seat. There’s nothing frivolous or unnecessary here, just a steering wheel, shifter, and some knobs and buttons. No, this was a time when style and simplicity ruled the truck world. Anything else was just fluff.

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

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