Park It: Chevy Truck Tailgate Bench

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Chevy Tailgate Bench

Vintage Chevy truck tailgates make a cool accessory for your home, man cave, or garage.

We love Chevy trucks so much, that we like a little bit of them everywhere we go. We found this cool tailgate bench for sale on Cruisin’ Grand Escondido and thought it was a nicely hand-crafted piece of automotive themed furniture we’d dig parking in our spot.

The benches, are made by Brian Terry, an artist who uses the tailgate from Chevrolet pickup trucks from 1956-1975. The price is right at $300-$500. The tailgates have a cool industrial retro style and fuse perfectly with the warm custom woodwork. Terry has a range of styles, and the benches include vintage license plates, and some have extra details like old horseshoes. We’ll take extra luck anywhere we can get it!

For more information, check out Cruisin’ Grand Escondido¬†or follow Brian Terry in Instagram.

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