1955 Chevy Pickup Is Perfection Personified

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1955 Chevy Truck

The only thing wrong with this flawless Chevy truck is the fact that you’ll be afraid to get it dirty.

Ask any Bow Tie enthusiast what their idea of the perfect ride is, and you’ll probably get a variety of responses. Some love boxy square bodies, others modern pickups. But when it comes to downright beautiful styling, it’s hard to beat Chevy’s trucks from the ’50s. For most, this era represented the peak of design, with timeless lines guaranteed to look just as good fifty years from now as they do today. And of those iconic models, few carry those lines better than this stunning 1955 Chevy truck.

We spotted the gorgeous restomod over at Leake Auctions, where it not only caught our eye, but made our jaw drop to the floor. Rarely do you see builds this flawless or well executed. Especially when they’re black, a color notoriously unforgiving. But there are certainly no imperfections to hide here. Just acres of perfectly straight, tastefully curvy sheet metal shiny enough to double as a mirror.

1955 Chevy Truck

That smooth body still sports enough chrome to retain the character of the old Chevy truck, which is very much welcome. But this time around, modern 20-inch wheels fill those highly stylized wheel wells. Inside, you’ll find more artistry in the form of perfectly stitched red upholstery. The details of which, from the built-in seat-mounted cupholders to the matching headliner, are second to none.

1955 Chevy Truck

The engine bay, sporting an iconic 350 small block V8, is every bit as detailed. And even the frame, which the seller so graciously provides a shot of, looks clean enough to eat off of. This certainly isn’t the kind of truck you navigate down a muddy dirt road. Or even probably drive in the rain. But it is one amazing piece of art, and a reminder that few vehicles of any ilk match up to a ’50s Chevy truck!

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