Canadian Chevy Dealer’s Retro Truck Is a Blue & White Stunner

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Chevy Truck

GM isn’t building a retro Chevy truck just yet (at least not for the public). But that isn’t stopping dealers like Hickman Chevy from cranking them out.

As they say in the world of fashion, everything that was once cool is bound to be cool again, eventually. Well, except maybe bell bottom pants, which we hope remain buried in the hall of failed fashion indefinitely. The recent trend of retro Chevy trucks, on the other hand, is very much welcome in our book. We’ve seen a major influx of these modern Chevy trucks decked out with old school styling cues lately. And we love every single one of them.

We’ve already seen these things in green, black, and orange, but this is the first time we’ve seen a blue one. This particular Chevy truck comes to us from Hickman Chevy, a dealership way up in Newfoundland, Canada. And it’s a little bit different from the ones we’ve seen recently. Instead of replica rally wheels, this Chevy truck sports a set of old school white wagon wheels. And of course, they wouldn’t be complete without white-letter BFG tires.

Retro Chevy Truck

To complete the package, Hickman sent the Silverado over to Auto Trim Design for a wrap job. That’s right, unlike some of the other retro trucks we’ve seen, this one is done up in white vinyl. Instead of paint. Which, of course, is much cheaper and easier to do, though the effect is the same. We’re especially digging the faux “recessed” tailgate, complete with old timey Chevrolet lettering front and center.

Judging by the success of these retro Chevy truck projects, we wouldn’t be surprised to see GM get in on the game. After all, the automaker resurrected the GMC Desert Fox with a concept at last year’s video game celebration, the IGN Convention in Dubai. The modern Sierra sported the same multi-colored stripes as the ’70s original, along with an off-road fortified suspension and rolling stock. As awesome as the retro-themed ride is, however, GM didn’t announce any plans to offer it to the public.

GMC Desert Fox

In the meantime, if you want a retro Chevy truck, you’ll just have to turn to one of a growing number of dealers offering these packages!

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