Chevy Adds Apple Watch Support to MyChevrolet System

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Chevy myChevrolet App on Apple Watch

Here’s a quick way to feel a bit more like James Bond.

Chevrolet created the myChevrolet app to help make the lives of car owners easier and more convenient by allowing them to access many vehicle systems from their smart phones. There are currently more than 1.4 million people actively using the app, and Chevy has just taken the groundbreaking innovation a step further. Now, owners of the Apple Watch can avoid digging their phones out of their pocket with the new Watch-enabled app.

Reel Life Meets Real Life: We imagine James Bond would love the myChevrolet app.

Using the Apple Watch is bound to be much more convenient for a large portion of users, especially when they just want to make a quick check to see if they locked the doors or not. For those in dense areas, getting walking directions on your wrist should be a welcomed change from holding your phone in front of your face. It also makes it a lot harder to drop and break your smartphone when it’s in your pocket. Bonus points for that alone, Chevy.

Currently, the Apple Watch app supports access to remote start/stop, door lock functions, horn, lights and directions to your parked car. For those of you who speak a language other than English, Chevy has included Spanish and French language options for this first iteration of the app. It is available to everyone in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The myChevrolet app is already a great tool for Chevy owners to take control of their cars in the way that works best for them. Adding a more convenient option with the Apple Watch app is a welcomed addition. It also shows that Chevrolet is still actively supporting and enhancing this useful feature. It shows GM is willing to update technology and won’t just let owner’s cars become obsolete in the future.

Plus you can’t overstate how cool it is to unlock and start your car with a watch. That’s fancy spy technology.

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