Escalado? Don’t Try to Understand This Silverado-Escalade Automorph

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It has a Chevrolet Silverado body with a Cadillac Escalade mug. It has TV monitors in the headrests … and there are no backseats. It has chrome six-spoke wheels with low-profile tires. All this and more on today’s episode of … Unsolved Mysteries.

Seriously, there’s no explanation for this, and there’s really no point trying to figure it out. Some people just do weird things, and that’s that. There’s no real information on the truck, other than the simple description on the Craigslist post it was found on.

It has 57,000 miles on it, custom leather seats, a JVC Sound System, the Vortec Engine V8, and plenty of large digital screens all over the interior. It’s currently listed at $14,900, if you’re into this sort of thing.

[Via Craigslist via Car Scoops]

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