Bolt, Electric Cars Land On ‘Greenest’ List

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Chevy’s Bolt Is Topping Most ‘Must-Have’ Lists at the Moment, But for Energy Efficiency, It’s Middle of the Road, Says Greener Cars

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has just released its latest list of the “Greenest, Meanest, Greener Choices” of new cars. And while Chevy’s Bolt continues to rack up high praise from the media and car aficionados alike, the all-electric vehicle landed in the middle of the road on ACEEE’s 12-vehicle list.

Found on the Council’s Greener Cars website, the annual roster of Earth-friendly rides aims to steer new car buyers in the direction of 2017 vehicles that have the smallest environmental footprint.

Vehicles new to the list for 2017 include the Bolt, which when it comes to the 12 greenest 2017 vehicles out there, it falls in the middle, at No. 6. The positive side is that Chevrolet’s hotly-anticipated EV car is parked two items above two versions of the Toyota Prius (Prime and the C) and below one (the Eco).

Each car on the Greenest List is given a “Green Score” based on an environmental damage index (EDX). The EDX estimates pollution from vehicle manufacturing, emissions from vehicle tailpipes and the production and distribution of fuel. The Bolt comes up in the middle here, too, netting a Green Score of 59, which is one spot below that of the Nissan Leaf.


1. Hyundai Ioniq Electric
2. BMW i3 (60Ah)
3. Toyota Prius Eco
4. Fiat 500E
5. Nissan Leaf
6. Chevrolet Bolt
7. Kia Soul Electric
8. Toyota Prius Prime
9. Toyota Prius C
10. Ford Focus Electric
11. Honda Accord Hybrid
12. Kia Niro FE Hybrid

“For the second year in a row, plug-in electric vehicles dominate the Greenest List, proving that these vehicles are really coming into their own,” says Eric Junga, Transportation Research Analyst at ACEEE. “It’s notable that conventional hybrids continue to be environmentally competitive with the plug-ins, taking four of the Greenest slots.”

Greener Choices

The Greener Choices list includes trucks and SUVs, including the Chevy Colorado diesel. Expectedly, the Big Three American automakers claimed five of the 12 Greener Choices spots, including Chevy, which lands at number 10 with the Colorado Diesel.

1. Toyota Prius Eco
2. Toyota Prius C
3. Kia Niro FE
4. Toyota Prius V
5. Mercedes-Benz smart fortwo Coupe
6. Toyota Yaris iA
7. Ford C-Max Hybrid
8. Honda CR-V
9. Nissan Rogue Hybrid
10. Chevrolet Colorado Diesel
11. Chrysler Pacifica
12. Ford F-150


Greener Cars also publishes an annual “Meanest” list, which is generally dominated by perceived gas guzzlers like SUVs, heavier medium-duty vehicles and European luxury cars. Yeah, we see it. The Chevrolet G2500 Express made the list, at number 2, no less. Being a sporty and powerful workhorse has its consequences, unfortunately.

1. Mercedes-Benz AMG G65
2. Chevrolet G2500 Express (Passenger)
3. Mercedes-Benz AMG G63
4. Bentley Mulsanne
5. Mercedes-Benz G550
6. Toyota Sequoia FFV
7. Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS
8. Bentley Continental GT / Flying Spur
9. Ford Transit T150 Wagon
10. Lexus LX 570
11. Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE
12. Toyota Tundra FFV

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