Chevy’s Six Tips for Safer Winter Driving (Video)

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Chevrolet’s Resident Driving Expert Jason Harper Shares Suggestions for Traveling Winter Roadways Unscathed and Unscratched

Now that another big snowstorm has clobbered the U.S. last weekend — and thanks to groundhog Punxsutawney Phil who recently predicted six more weeks before the arrival of Spring — the timing could not be better for Chevy’s “Winter Driving Tips.”

Besides the fundamental advice of keeping your windshield clean of all snow and ice so that you can see properly, automotive industry expert Jason Harper offers five additional helpful suggestions.


“We at Chevy have some other driving tips that we think you may not know that will go a long way to ensure that you have a happy and safe winter driving season,” says Harper.

The first tip? Remove your bulky parka and thick winter gloves, both of which can impede your mobility and handling of the steering wheel during an emergency.

Tip No. 2: Instead of wearing big snow boots that could mash down two pedals at once or become stuck under the brake, use more appropriate driving footwear.

Tip three is to turn down the heat. “If it’s too hot inside the car, you may become drowsy,” advises Harper.

The fourth tip: Be aware of the temperature outside. Between 24 degrees and 34 degrees is the danger zone because other cars on the road will cause the ice to begin melting. “That wet ice is more slippery than ice that is frozen solid,” Harper explains in the safety clip.

The last tip suggests that drivers keep in mind the limit of their tires’ traction. “Snow has 50-percent less traction than a dry road,” says Harper, “and ice offers 75 percent less traction.”

Harper offers a bonus sixth tip, but you’ll have to watch the video for that.

Now, where is that little groundhog at so we can have a chat?

Dan Gregory is a regular contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums and Ford F-150 Online.

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