Hot Chevy Trucks Burned Bright at 2019 LS Fest West

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454 LSA-swapped Chevy truck at Cinco De Mayo Tire De Fry’O - LS Fest West 2019

Chevrolet Forum picks some of the best LS-swapped trucks we spotted in Sin City for the annual Holley LS Fest West. 

Chevrolet Forum recently attended the Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas, NV. We saw amazing burnouts and drifts. There was crazy off-roading, hooning, racing, and more. And there was an impressive group of cars and trucks on display for the Show N’ Shine. Chevy was well represented as the event honors GM’s LS platform.

LS-swapped rides made a huge portion of the rides. They varied from Chevys and American-built trucks; to German, British, and Japanese cars, racers, and so much more.

But there were few Chevy trucks that stole the show for us.

LS-Swapped Chevy C10

LS-swapped Chevy C10 + LS Fest West 2019

This truck was built for performance. And it was a menacing presence with a lot of flex.

The patina and Franken-body only added to its character. Slammed and modded to win, we would love to see this bad boy on the quarter mile.

We love that truck retains its classic style, alongside its deconstructed aesthetic. This is exactly what you hope to see at an event like LS Fest West.

LS-swapped 1959 Chevy pickup

LS-swapped 1959 Chevy Pickup + LS Fest West

This big, blue Daddy-o was the perfect combo of timeless 1950s vintage style and a raging crate powertain.

LS-swapped 1959 Chevy Pickup + LS Fest West

Without a doubt, this was one of the cleanest swaps we saw. The truck was beautifully modded, and clearly was built to kick some serious ass.

The interior was perfect and period-correct. The bed featured a ramp that extended out. All in all, a dream ride executed perfectly.

454 LSA-swapped Chevy truck 

454 LSA-swapped Chevy truck at Cinco De Mayo Tire De Fry’O - LS Fest West 2019

This pickup participated in the Cinco De Mayo Tire De Fry’O where it smoked tires, and charred asphalt.

It excelled in burnouts, drifts, and general tire abuse.

Need a better demonstration of how badass the LS engine is? Nope. Asked and answered.

The upcoming LS Fest East in Bowling Green, KY, is set to take place September 6-8. Check out the LS Fest website for more details.

Photos for Chevrolet Forum by Derin Richardson

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