Late-breaking Corvette C8 News: Rear Bumper Spotted in the Forums!

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Has the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8’s back end been leaked online? ‘Seems legit’ says Corvette Forum member who posted image.

Check out this awesome thread from our sister site Corvette Forum that seems to show the C8’s rear bumper!

“Found it on [FaceBook]…seems legit?” writes Corvette Forum Senior Member AbsoluteHank. And many in the forums, like fellow Chevy enthusiast JLemke and Corvette Forum Senior Member Millpond, seem to think that this is indeed the real deal.

“Looks legit — not sure I love it,” says fellow Corvette forum Senior member OregonSharkman. “The back end seems higher than the renders, but maybe it’s just the angle.”

“It also appears to confirm the rumored blue that was like the [CERV III],” notes JLemke.

“…Hoping this is Elkhart Lake Blue, and that Rapid Blue will be lighter,” adds ToolHoarder.

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