Man Attempts to Play ‘Finders Keepers’ in Corvette, Fails Miserably

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Possession may be 9/10s of the law, but exercising that idea in a Corvette only got one man a few bean bags to the legs.

The old mantra “possession is nine-tenths of the law” dates way back to the 16th century. And back then, the rules were quite simple. If you had something in your possession, it was likely yours, no matter where or how you obtained it. But things, well, they’ve changed a little bit over the years, for the better. And apparently, at least one man in Vancouver, Canada wasn’t aware that finders keepers doesn’t apply to something like, say a Corvette.

It all started innocently enough. The owner of a white C7 Corvette left the top off his ride after parking at Sunset Beach. Presumably because it was a rare, fair weather Canadian day. After soaking up some rays, he returned to his Corvette only to find another man sitting in the driver’s seat. The owner then asked the intruder to get out, likely in a less than friendly tone. But the man refused, thus, the owner called the cops.

C7 Corvette

Strangely enough, the presence of multiple officers and guns pointed at his face wasn’t quite enough to persuade the man to exit the Corvette. Sgt. Jason Robillard of the Vancouver Police Department told the Vancouver Sun that he just kept saying “that this was now his car.” Thus, the squatter was further “persuaded” to exit the vehicle with a few well-placed bean bag shots to the legs.

As is always the case, a little pain quickly changed the man’s mind. And he suddenly gave up his newly found possession. The cops were able to then get the man in cuffs, and he took the walk of shame to a nearby police van. Of course, he was moving like a powerlifter on leg day after taking a pounding to the quads. Unsurprisingly, Sgt. Robillard also told the Vancouver Sun that the perp’s “level of intoxication may have contributed to this incident.”

C7 Corvette

Thankfully, the Corvette wasn’t harmed during these amusing theatrics. The man who tried to play finders keepers suffered some minor injuries and now faces a charge of criminal mischief. And above all, he also found out that even though this age-old possession rule helped the Hatfields retain a pig the McCoys tried to take from them, it doesn’t quite work as well with Corvettes.

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