New Commercial Shows Uniting Force of Chevrolet Camaro

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Two-minute spot showcases new Camaro and best part of car culture.

Cars, no matter how sophisticated they have become, are still just machines. Yes, they can think with their computer brains and keep a certain distance from the other machines in front of them on the road or check to see if other four-wheel mechanical creations are in their blind spots or brake to avoid collisions, but those abilities only make them more capable machines than they were in decades past. They think a million things at once, yet feel nothing. Their drivers do, though. They feel excitement, joy, and the bonds of friendship. As nice as cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro are to look at, their truest beauty lies within the people driving them. Chevrolet Camaro Family 1

The commercial above is a great example of that beauty. The WestCoastMaros Camaro Club and Chevrolet teamed up to display it one rev, shift, and fly-by at a time. It shows four people at their various jobs checking their phones and receiving an important message. They immediately respond by getting up and leaving. You can then hear a Camaro firing up. The quartet heads toward an unknown point, each of them in a different sixth-generation Camaro. They range from a blue convertible to a supercharged ZL1. After blasting down winding back roads and zooming through city streets, they all rendezvous on an open desert plain. They exchange friendly handshakes and warm hugs. After they all embrace, they turn to see several more Camaros headed their way and smile.


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It’s a wordless display of one of the things that makes car culture so wonderful: unity. We’ve seen it at car shows before, especially those that focus on a particular car or brand of automobile. People of all colors, genders, political affiliations, income levels, and nationalities are united by their common love. Complete strangers talk with one another and joke and laugh and share stories and become closer. Sometimes they leave as friends. Humans may be flawed creatures, but scenes like those are perfect just the way they are.

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