Pretty (Badass) in Pink: Russian Chevy Fan Defies Expectations

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Chevy truck

WHAT’S UP IN THE FORUMS: Moscow-based Chevrolet Forum member is transforming his American ride into a roving music machine!

You’d be surprised at what rides people like. Some prefer American cars, others prefer European or Japanese models, or super cars straight out of Italy. And you can rarely predict what type of driver likes which type of vehicle. For instance, you may see Ford and Chevy rides cruising around on every street corner in America yet decide that you prefer Volkswagen. Granted, we here at Chevrolet Forum know that Chevrolet rides are certainly the best.

Interestingly, for Chevrolet Forum member Mikhail, who lives in Russia and is also known by his username DizelTH_Ru, his tastes lean toward American rides, especially Chevy trucks.

“I am the big enthusiast of American cars, especially full-size cars,” says Mikhail.

Moscow-based Mikhail is certainly a ways from the U.S. Even so, he considers himself to be a devoted longtime fan of the same American-made trucks andcars that we all love, including the Chevrolet Tahoe.


‘I am the big enthusiast of American cars, especially full-size cars.’


Mikhail is the proud owner of a 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe, In addition, he also owns a 2000 Ford Explorer and a 1987 Nissan 300ZX, which definitely makes his collection interesting! Upping the fun factor even further is a recent post showing the burly, bearded Russian donned in camo pants and puffing Brando-like on a cigarette while posing next to a hot-pink Chevy truck!

Chevy trucks

But it’s his slick black Tahoe that is Mikhail’s main focus. He is planning to amp up his truck courtesy of the addition of three pairs of speakers in each door. After that, he’ll add two subwoofers. In addition, he hopes to put on a stock exhaust since the vehicle currently has an exhaust from an old Russian truck.

Chevy truck

Swing by Mikhail’s garage and check out more of his Chevrolet rides!

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