Turbo LSX-Powered Chevy C10 Hauls More Than Loads

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Built to look like a clean cruiser, this gorgeous Chevy C10 hides several speedy secrets underneath!

Fast trucks are a bit of an anomaly, mostly because of their lack of weight over the rear tires and poor aerodynamics. But these problems can be solved, of course, by throwing an insane amount of power at them. And a big set of sticky tires out back, of course. Such is the recipe for Mike’s badass 1985 Chevy C10, a square body built to race on the streets.

Chevy C10

In this case, the recipe for success comes from a 376 cubic-inch LSX motor with a huge 84mm turbo and built 4L80E automatic transmission. To compensate for the inherent lack of traction out back, the built Chevy C10 uses CalTrac mono-leaf springs and bars out back, with a center-mounted fuel cell. Up front, a Scott’s Hotrod setup helps shed about 200 pounds off the truck’s weight.

A simple, factory-style setup was retained so that the truck would adhere to class rules at the track. The rest of the Chevy C10 is also designed to be very usable on the street, with a custom roll cage built so that the 6’6″ owner could easily slide in and out of the cab. But at the same time, the bars are all tucked away so a casual stoplight challenger can’t see them!

Chevy C10

Weld Racing wheels are likewise subtle, measuring in at 15×5 up front and 15×12 in the back. Mike claims the setup is good for around 500 hp at the wheels, and says that it’s “slow and loud.” Color us skeptical, as this just seems like an attempt at fooling any potential challengers. Like any good street racer would, of course. But if the goal here was to build a nice looking but subtle sleeper, we can confidently say that Mike pulled it off flawlessly!

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

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