I Am the Modern Van: 1970s Styx-themed Van Is Pure Bliss

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1979 Styx Van

Is it any wonder we want this flashback ride from the Seventies?

If you turned on the radio in the 1970s or 1980s, chances are you were going to hear the sweet sounds of rock band Styx. But did you know that you could not only rock out to their tunes, but ride out in their custom van? It was the best of times.

We came across this custom Chevy van on the Facebook page of Night Flight and our interest was piqued. We found out that Styx and A&M records did a contest where fans could enter to win this 1979 Chevy van. We’re not sure if it came with or without an 8-track player. We don’t know if it had parts made in Japan. We do know that the van was custom painted with art work from their “Pieces of Eight” and “The Grand Illusion” albums. It was described as “A one-of-a-kind wonder, inside and out.” Everything about this makes us want to come sail away in Styx style.

1979 Styx with Van

In a perfect world we think this van would have boasted an interior covered in shag carpeting, floor to ceiling. Of course it would need a lava lamp and waterbed to complete the style. And every time we’d get in we’d say “Babe I’m leaving, I must be on my way…and check out my far out van!” No, we wouldn’t name it Kilroy or Lorelei, too obvious. We’d name her Lady.  If you disagree, you’re fooling yourself.

The true highlight other than this rock-n-roll mobile, were the comments on Facebook.

“If this van is rockin’, then we’re definitely not listening to Styx!”

“Don’t need that van. I don’t have too much time on my hands to spray paint over the horrible graphics… although it would look cool with a half-naked ice princess riding a Sabre toothed tiger on the side.

“Killer van, but I’d never play Styx in it.”

“It got a paint job and was used in The A-Team!”

“Now available with Mr. Roboto GPS.”

Domo arigato to Styx for this groovy flashback.

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