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someone please help me my turn on when it wants

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May 17th, 2018, 8:41 PM   #1  
someone please help me my turn on when it wants

im new to thread hello everyone.

i have a 93 silverado 1500 automatic rwd 5.7 pretty little thing,

truck so far has new positive and ground cable plus a new starter, battery is fine. new ignition because i lost keys and new stereo and two 4x6 pioneer up front. my power windows and locks work fine.

-car seems to struggle when trying to accelerate it jerks and after the hesitation its runs strong no issues. fyi its does this 2/3 times
-another issue is it dies when you put it in gear 2. i can put it in gear 1 3 D R N P with no issues but as soon as i slid it to 2 it dies.
-last issue is weird after driving far or local who knows but after a drive sometimes after parking it and wanting to go use the truck it will not start. it cranks full battery no issues it just won't start. i let my brother borrow my car occasionally and i joke with him after he ask if he can use it, i say you can borrow it if it turns on cause. meaning it turns on if it wants. so the truck is scary unreliable because if you take it somewhere and park it you risk the truck not turning on. remember it cranks.
and after it not turning on i let the car sit for a minimum of a day, next morning it will crank and turn on like a new car

i dont think it spark plugs or fuel pump because the truck works it only acts like that after using it.

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May 20th, 2018, 1:36 PM   #2  
Did you test your alternator recently as well? See if that is going bad. Dont understand the going into 2 and dying, thats weird.

Honestly, I would check your distributor and rotor too. I think you are just not firing correctly by the sounds of it, which would explain the hesitation.

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