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Lighting, Turn Signal Issues w/ 2002 Avalanche

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Lighting, Turn Signal Issues w/ 2002 Avalanche

Rather than snagging someone else's thread, here is my situation.

I noticed a while ago that water had gotten into the passenger fog lamp. But the lights still worked, strangely enough. A number of months later, my driver side fog lamp went out. I replaced the bulb, noticing that the socket has become brittle and burnt. I read somewhere that the older sockets needed replacing, so I have those on order to replace, including the whole assembly.

Then, my driver side headlamps (low beam) went out, within a week or so. I replaced that bulb and things were good, except I broke the tab off of the turn signal assembly. Didn't think much of it until I noticed the turn signal bulb and mini side turn signal bulb on the same side burnt out at the same time. I guessed it was because of the little bit of play in the assembly, water had possibly gotten into the engine area. So I replaced those two bulbs, then rigged the assembly to stay in place.

This morning however on that same site, the left signal was doing the fast blink repeat issue. I noticed with the dome override on, and turn signal on, the main turn signal bulb was not blinking. Once I got on the road, the quick blinking stopped.

It's feeling like I have some more major electrical issues going on. Every time you get out of the truck there is ESD. Feels like maybe a grounding issue, but how does one fix that? Also I read somewhere possibly fuses are looking to go. Any reason I shouldn't just replace every fuse in the box?

Are there any common issues w/ the first year Avalanche like this?


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fuses dont wear out. only when a high amperage tries to run through will it burst, same as a grounding issue. if there was a short it would pop a fuse. Also no need to change every fuse as they are seperate systems. Did you replace the turn signal fuse with a higher amperage fuse? cause if you did, change it back to what it should be. cant really troubleshoot your issue online. check voltage regulator maybe.. could be spiking voltage from alternator

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